3 Crazy Things That Go Through Your Mind When You Work Virtually With Your Trainer(2023)


1. Reminiscing good-old gym days becomes your weapon of distraction
“Come on, 5 more, 3 more, 1 more…20 more..100 more… dil maange more!” Surely, your trainer is really trying to push your limits and help you achieve your fitness goals from across the screen, but sometimes, when his virtual motivation becomes too demanding, you obviously tend to bring up those “I miss lifting dumb-bells to the beats of the high-bass music at the gym” to distract him just so he can stop yelling “come on, come on, come on, come on, come on” from the other side. Come on, you’d be lying if you deny the fact that it can get annoying sometimes.

Dumb-bell we miss you! 

2. Thoughts of switching your Internet router cross your mind several times
In the virtual fitness world, turning off the router and giving “bad internet connection” as an excuse to intercept or stop your workout is equivalent to pretending to rush out of the gym on the pretext of “something important that has suddenly come up”.

Obviously, that’s nothing, but laziness calling out to you—the same laziness that increases ten folds by sitting at home all day because of the covid 19 pandemic.

3. You secretly pray for your trainer to magically come out of the computer screen
You know, the most taxing workouts at the gym are followed by some much-needed empathy from your trainer, as a part of which, he/she may simply ask you to lie down on the mat while he/she moves your limbs around to stretch them out for you and relieve you of the post workout soreness.

Home workout is at times boring. 

Sometimes, as an added bonus for your compliance to his/her workout plan, your trainer might also run a roller on your back and give you a slight massage too. But since these perks are impossible to enjoy over a video call, you know, you have to put an additional effort into the cool-down stretches yourself.

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