3 Best Weight Loss Exercise For Flat Belly(2023)

Number 1: Flutter kicks

This amazing exercise makes your core muscles work very hard! Whether it is the lower rectus abdominal muscles or the hip flexors, every muscle is targeted well. It might look like you’re swimming with your legs, but you’re not! Perform it by lying on your back. But if you also want to strengthen your back muscles, then you can do them lying on your stomach!

Here’s how to do this exercise: 

  • Start by lying on a mat. Make sure to keep your legs together, then extend them forward, bringing them to your eye level|.
  • Next, tighten the abs, lift your feet off the ground, and begin moving your legs up and down.
  • Repeat 15 times, then take a break, and repeat 15 times again.
Number 2: Reverse crunches

This exercise might sound like it’s really tough to perform, but it isn’t! It targets the core and focuses on rectus abdominis, the muscle in your abdomen that helps you get a six-pack. That’s not all: reverse crunches also strengthen the transverse abdominis, the muscle below your abdominals, as well as your external obliques.

Here’s how to do this exercise:

  • Start by lying flat on your back, and raise your leg up at a 90 degree angle.
  • Place your hands flat on the ground.
  • Pull your legs and hips up towards the ceiling, while bringing your knees toward your chest.
  • Repeat 15 times, take a break, and then do it another 15 times.
Number 3: Lunges with front kicks

This amazing exercise offers so many great benefits, right from working on your legs and glutes, as well as giving you a serious core workout. It also makes you more stable and flexible. Now that sounds great, isn’t it?

Begin your belly reduction journey with lunges exercise.

Here’s how to do this exercise: 

    • Stand with your feet together.
    • Step back with one foot to complete a lunge.
    • Step back to the starting position, swing your leg through, and complete a kick.
    • Return to the starting position.
    • Repeat 15 times, take a break, and then do it another 15 times.

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