3 Best Exercises For Strong Bones(2023)

1. Weight-bearing exercises

Weight-bearing exercises make you work against gravity. It can include walking, hiking, jogging, dancing, stair-climbing, or high-impact sports such as tennis.

2. Resistance exercises

Resistance exercise are widely used to build muscle which in turn can also benefit your bones. Moreover, strong muscles will ensure that you’re able to reduce your risk of falls.

For stronger and healthier bones, include resistance exercises. 
3. Stretching

Stretching is always important to prepare your body for exercise. It can also protect you against falls and ease pain associated with arthritis. So, try and incorporate stretching into your exercise routine.

Dr Nair also suggests that people who have osteoporosis or even fragile bones should exercise on a regular basis to make their bones stronger and healthier. You can also try some low-impact dancing, cycling, and balancing exercises. Ensure that you consult your doctor or trainer before making any changes to your exercise routine.

“You will be able to prevent falls and fractures once you start exercising on a daily basis. But, make sure that you are not going overboard. Doing so can invite unwanted bone injuries,” suggests Dr Nair. He further adds, “Squats or lunges can be termed as bodyweight exercises. Moreover, skipping and jumping can also help you build stronger bones.”

So, ladies, incorporate these exercises to your daily workout routine to ensure you never face bone-related issues!

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