22 Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

What should I talk about with my girlfriend? Is the first question that comes to mind if you think your relationship is boring. 


If you want to build a romantic and lasting relationship with your girlfriend, you need to master the art of communication. 


Talk more about her than yourself. Talk more about her future than yours. Engage her in a deep conversation. 


Create romantic and memorable moments through conversations. Give her the impression that her personal, professional, emotional, and spiritual goals are important to you. 


Knowing what to talk about with your girlfriend can change the game in your relationship. 


It makes your girlfriend have more confidence in you and sees you as her only best friend. 


If you ever asked the question – what should I talk about with my girlfriend, this article is for you. 


And alway remember that if you want to have a meaningful and heartfelt conversation with your woman, don’t build walls. 


Rather, build bridges because they lead to more conversations and deeper discussions. 


Here are some of the things you should talk to your girlfriend about without boring her; 


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What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend (22 Topics to Discuss With Your Woman)?

#1. Her Goals and Aspirations 


Every woman wants to be with a man who cares about her goals and aspirations. It gives her the impression that you aren’t only interested in what’s in between her legs; but also care about her growth and development in life. 


So, whenever you are having a conversation with your girlfriend, try talking more about her goals and aspirations. 


And if you feel she is gradually deviating from these goals, try to guide her and let her know why it’s important to focus on her goals. 


This will unconsciously make her more committed and start seeing you as part of her future. 


#2. Her values and beliefs

Still asking yourself what should I talk about with my girlfriend? Talk about her values and beliefs. 


Values and beliefs are some of the most underlooked things in relationships. Unfortunately, they have caused more breakups and divorce than you can imagine. 


Regardless of how much you love her, if your values and beliefs are different from hers, the relationship may not work. 


Engage her in these conversations. Try to know her thoughts about contemporary topics as it relates to values.

And if you realize early enough that you guys have different value systems, take a step back and reevaluate the relationship.  

#3. Her Hobbies and Interests 

One of the mature topics to  talk about with your girlfriend are her hobbies and interests. 


Having a conversation about her hobbies and interests gives her the impression that you genuinely care. 


But ensure you show genuine interest in her hobbies and ask reasonable questions about them. 


For instance, if she enjoys reading, ask her about her favorite books and what inspires her to read a particular book. 


And whenever she responds, listen to her actively and attentively. This action may seem little. But it will make your girlfriend feel heard and valued. 


The conversation should be two ways. Your girlfriend shouldn’t be the only one talking. So, tell her about your own hobbies and interests. 


It will help to create a sense of shared experience and understanding and further strengthen your love. 


Even though her interests don’t align with yours, don’t make negative or dismissive comments about them. 


Respect her interests and if possible explore them. 


#4. Her Work and Career 

One of the best conversations to have with your girlfriend is her work and career. Although this conversation is interesting, it’s sensitive. 


So, you have to pay close attention to whatever she tells you and ask her relevant questions. 


For instance, if she is a teacher, you can ask her about her favorite students and what makes the student special. 


Listen to her responses carefully and don’t make dismissive comments about her job. 


If possible, ask about her long term goals and see how you can help her achieve them. 

#5. Her personal growth and development

Asking your girlfriend about her personal growth and development shows that you care about her future. 


For instance, if your girlfriend is trying to improve her self-esteem, you can ask about her progress and the strategy she’s using. 


And whenever she’s narrating her experience, always listen actively and attentively. It gives her the feeling of being heard and valued. 


Always show enthusiasm and support for her personal growth and development by constantly encouraging her. 


Whenever you feel she’s giving up, try to guide her and give her a million reasons why she shouldn’t give up. 

#6. Her Favorite Memories and Experiences 

Our memories and experiences go a long way to define us. They strengthen our sense of identity, purpose, and relationship. 


So, if asking the question – what should I talk about with my girlfriend, her favorite memories and experiences are good things to talk about. 


Sometimes, talking about her favorite memories and experiences may be emotional. So,you should be prepared for it. 


Again, respect her experiences and don’t make negative remarks or comments about them. And focus all your attention on her whenever she’s telling you about these memories. 


#7. Her Fears and Insecurities 

This is a very sensitive topic to talk about with your girlfriend. But it’s important you discuss her fears and insecurities with her. 


However, if she’s not interested in talking about her fears, don’t push her. Let her tell you about them when she’s ready. 


When she finally agrees to tell you, listen and focus on her. Pay attention to every detail and ask important questions. 


For instance, if she’s afraid of failure, ask how the fear affects her and the strategy she’s adopting to cope. 


Try to share your own fears and insecurities to create a sense of shared understanding, experience, and connection. 


#8. Her Hopes and Dreams for the Future 


We all have hopes and dreams for the future. Sometimes, our dreams define our actions and directions in life. 


If you are serious about your girlfriend and hope to make her the mother of your kids, you should ask her questions about her hopes and dreams for the future. 


Again, you have to respect her hopes and dreams. Don’t make the conversation one-way, let her know your dreams as well. 


But if you feel her dreams don’t align with yours, don’t try to talk her out of her dreams. Rather, reevaluate the relationship and see what the future holds. 


#9. Her Thoughts and Feelings About Current Events and the World Around Her

Asking your girlfriend of her thoughts and feelings about current events is a great way to spark a long conversation. 


The events could be politics, religion, etc. 


Listen attentively to her thoughts and never belittle her thoughts. Even if you disagree with these thoughts, don’t dismiss them. 


Tell her your own thoughts and why you think the way you do. 


#10. Things You Have in Common (What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend)

One of the best topics to talk about with your girlfriend are the things you have in common. It’s easy to set the ball of your relationship rolling if there’s a common ground between you guys. 


The truth is, people in a relationship tend to focus on what they have in common rather than their differences. 


According to psychologists, by default people are motivated to find a shared sense of reality. 


For instance, when you first met and fell in love with your girlfriend, you guys were probably attracted to each other by your shared interests. 


#11. What You Like About Her 

Every lady loves flattering. Just keep a beautiful smile on her face by telling her the amazing things you love about her. 


Be very sincere and specific. 


Let her know what attracted you to her in the first place, what’s so unique about her, and why you are always eager to see her. 

#12. Her Habits and Daily Routines 


Humans are creatures of habits. We all have our habits and daily routines that we religiously adhere to. 


Ask your girlfriend questions about her daily routines. Response will give you an idea into how she likes to structure herself. 


You can ask a question like – what’s your daily routine like? And what do you like doing the most at night?


#13. The Book That Changed Her Perspective About Life 

Research revealed that beautiful women tend to be attracted to intellectual men. And one of the best ways to have an intelligent conversation is to discuss a book


You may not be a big fan of reading. But asking her if she has read any transformative book like; “the 4-Hours Workweek by Timothy Ferris, the Giver by Lois Lowry, etc. can lead to more intellectual conversation. 


#14. Things That Make Her Feel Alive 

Life is beautiful and precious. And most people would want to make every moment of their lives count. 


So, discuss with your girlfriend to know the things that genuinely make her feel alive. During this conversation, you will have an idea whether your girlfriend loves peaceful moments, exhilarating spontaneous experiences, and spontaneous experiences.  


You can ask her questions like… 


What are the things that give you butterflies in your stomach?


What makes you feel alive?


What gets your heart pumping? Etc… 


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#15. Her Communication Style?


Every successful and enviable romantic relationship is built on healthy communication. So, it’s important to understand your girlfriend’s communication style. 


If you understand her communication style, it will be easy to sort out issues. For instance, you will know what she does, when she’s upset and her reactions when she’s excited. 


There are people who love to talk about things as they happen, while others talk about it much later. 


You can only figure all these out when you ask your girlfriend questions like – what’s your communication style and how would you want me to react when you are angry?

#16. Her Love Language

Your partner’s love language is how she wants you to express your heartfelt commitment to her. 


The five different love languages are; words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. 


You will have less complications in your relationship if you understand your partner’s love language. 


Don’t forget that people communicate and receive love differently. So, you can easily forge a deeper connection with your girlfriend if you understand her love language. 


#17. Her Most Significant Role Models

A role model is someone we look to as a good example. These people are worthy of imitation. But role models can either be positive or negative. 


So, whoever your girlfriend’s significant role models are will go a long way to determine their behavior. 


Remember, role models are people who are worthy of emulation.


It’s important to find out who your girlfriend is looking up to in life. These people may have inspired them one way or the other to become the person they are today. 


Her role models may be family members, celebrities, authors, historical figures, etc. 


During the discussion, try to learn the character traits your girlfriend most admires about her role models and how she wants to emulate these traits. 

#18. Her Favorite TV Show 

A good way to have a very lengthy and fun conversation is to discuss your girlfriend’s favorite TV show. 


Trust me, this topic will go on and on non-stop. But you must be ready to listen attentively. 


Focus on her as she tells you episodes or scenes from her favorite shows. 


Again, knowing her favorite TV show will give you an idea on the type of movies she likes. And it will help you plan your next date night… 


By the way, my favorite TV show is “Game of Thrones”, I never get tired of watching it. What about you – what’s your favorite TV show?


#19. How She Deals With Conflict

The other day, I went to my friend’s house, I met him arguing with his girlfriend. It was a heated argument. 


My friend’s girlfriend (Bumi) believes that my friend is still dating his Ex. 


But how is that even possible?


They are not even living in the same city. 


The two broke up over two years ago and they never spoke since then. 


Just because she saw an old text message from the ex, she believes they are still dating. 


To cut the long story short, Bumi broke my friend’s car windscreen. 


Unfortunately, my friend was going to propose to her that day. 


In fact, that was why I went to his house in the first place. 


But immediately my friend saw how she handled the conflict, he changed his mind. 


So, before you take things seriously with your girlfriend, try to know how she handles conflict. 


If you understand how your girlfriend reacts to minor and major altercations, you can easily resolve issues in the relationship. 


Generally, women handle conflicts differently. Some may want to take a break while others may trudge forward and knock it out. 


#20. Her past Relationships 

One of the things you should talk about with your girlfriend is her past relationships. This is obviously a sensitive topic. 


So, it’s better to bring it up after you have dated your girlfriend for some time. But it’s something you should discuss with her. 


Having this discussion will help you understand what makes her last relationship fail. 


With this knowledge, you can the following question; 


  • Was her needs met in the past relationship? If No, how do I meet these needs?


  • What traits was her ex lacking?


  • Does she have trust issues?


Again, this is a sensitive topic, talking about it may stir a lot of buckled emotions. So, study her mood and body language. 


Once you realize that she isn’t comfortable discussing her past relationships, don’t push it. Allow things to move slowly, she will eventually talk about it some days. 


#21. Her Spiritual or Religious Beliefs 


Try to learn more about your girlfriend’s spiritual or religious beliefs. She may not be a religious or spiritual person. 

But ask her questions about God and what she thinks about life after death. Questions like this will help you understand her spirituality and the religious boundaries you need to respect. 


You can ask her questions like; what are your thoughts about reincarnation? Do you believe in angels or ghosts? Where do you think people go after they die?


Her answers to these questions will help you to understand your girlfriend’s religious psyche. 

#22. The Future 

The future together is one of the most heartwarming and reassuring discussions to have with your girlfriend. 


But I would advise that you only have this conversation after dating your girlfriend for a while. Trust me, conversations like this could be a turn-off during the early stage of a relationship. 


So, when discussing the future with your girl, talk about when you guys want to live, how many kids she wants to have, etc. 


It would be better to keep your questions or comments hypothetical. 



These are some of the things you can talk about with your girlfriend. When discussing these topics, don’t make her feel uncomfortable. 


At any point in time, if she doesn’t want to talk about any topic, don’t push it. Just let her be, she will eventually come around. 

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