21 Must-Ask Questions to Kick Start a New Relationship

You and your new partner are just starting out on a beautiful journey together. Getting to know each other is key to making this relationship work, and these 21 questions for a new relationship are a great starting point. 


Let’s dive in!


21 Questions For a New Relationship 


#1.What Do You Enjoy Doing on a Rainy Day? 


This is one of the most romantic 21 questions for a new relationship. It can give you a glimpse into your partner’s personality and interests. 


Maybe they love reading a good book and cuddling up with a blanket, or maybe they’re the adventurous type who loves to go outside and dance in the rain.


#2. If You Had a Million Dollars to Spend, What Would You Spend It On? 


This question can reveal a lot about your partner’s kindness,priorities and values. Would they spend it on a luxurious vacation, or would they donate it to charity?


#3. What Would You Say is Your Biggest Guilty Pleasure? 


This can be a fun and lighthearted question that can give you insight into your partner’s sense of humour and their more relaxed side. 


Maybe they love binge-watching reality TV, or indulging in their favourite junk food.


#4. Why Did You Cry the Last Time You Did So? 


This question can help you understand your partner’s emotions and empathy. Maybe they saw a touching movie, or had a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend.


#5. Are You Looking for Commitment?


This is an important question to discuss early on in the relationship. It’s essential to ensure that both partners are on the same page when it comes to the future of the relationship.


#6. What is the most important thing to do on your bucket list before you die? 


This question can give you insight into what your partner values and finds meaningful. Maybe they dream of travelling to every continent, or they want to run a marathon.


#7. What does friendship mean to you? 


This is one of the most important  of the 21 questions for a new relationship. It can reveal a lot about your partner’s values and how they treat those close to them. 


Maybe they believe that friends should always be there to support each other, or they think that true friendship is built on shared experiences and memories.


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#8. How do you feel about your relationship with your mother? 


This question can give you a glimpse into your partner’s family dynamic and how they handle relationships. 


Maybe they have a close and loving relationship with their mother, or maybe they have a more complicated dynamic.


#9. What brings the most meaning to your life? 


This question can help you understand what your partner values and finds important in life. Maybe they find meaning in their work, or in spending time with loved ones.


#10. Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? Why? 


This question can give you a sense of who your partner holds closest to their heart. Maybe it’s their grandmother, who has always been a source of love and comfort, or maybe it’s their younger sibling, who they’ve grown up with and have a strong bond with.

#11. Do you believe in God? 


Discussing spirituality can be a profound conversation that can help you understand each other on a deeper level.


#12. What is your love language? 


Understanding each other’s love language can enhance your relationship. Maybe they appreciate physical touch, or they feel loved when they receive thoughtful gifts.


#13. How do you define cheating? 


This question can help establish boundaries in the relationship and ensure that both partners are on the same page when it comes to infidelity.


#14. How do you deal with conflict? 


Understanding each other’s conflict resolution styles can be key to working through any challenges in the relationship. 


Maybe they prefer to have a direct and honest conversation, or they prefer to take some time to reflect and process before addressing the issue.

#15. What’s your greatest talent? 


This can be a fun way to learn more about each other and celebrate each other’s strengths.


#16. Are There Any Exes Still In The Picture?


This is among the most crucial 21 questions to ask in a new relationship. It can reveal if your partner has any lingering feelings for an ex or if there are any potential complications in the future. 


Make sure to listen to your partner’s response and be respectful of their past experiences. 


If they do have an ex still in the picture, ask how they interact with that person and if it could impact your relationship in any way.


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#17. Do You Want Kids?


If you’re looking to settle down and start a family, it’s essential to know if your partner shares the same values. 


Ask them if they see themselves having children in the future, and if so, how many they would like to have. 


This will give you an idea of what kind of family life they envision and if it aligns with your own goals.


#18. If you had one day left to live, what would you do?


This question may seem heavy, but it can provide valuable insight into your partner’s priorities and values. 


Do they want to spend their last day with loved ones or travel the world? 


Do they want to do something meaningful or just relax and enjoy their final moments? 


Understanding what your partner would do in this hypothetical scenario can give you a better understanding of what they value most in life.


#19. For what in your life do you feel most grateful?


Gratitude is an important aspect of a happy and healthy relationship. Ask your partner what they are most grateful for, and listen to their response with empathy and understanding. 


This question can open up a deeper conversation about their values and the things that bring them joy and fulfilment.


#20. Do you think celebrating Valentine’s Day is corny?


Everyone has different opinions on holidays like Valentine’s Day, and it’s important to know your partner’s stance. 


If one person sees it as an opportunity to celebrate their love, and the other sees it as a cheesy Hallmark holiday, it could lead to disappointment and frustration. 


Knowing each other’s feelings on this day can help you avoid misunderstandings and make sure you’re on the same page.


#21. If you could plan the most romantic date night for us, how would you want it to be?


This is a fun question to ask your partner and get a glimpse into their romantic side. 


Do they want to cook a fancy dinner at home or take you on a surprise weekend getaway? 


It can spark excitement and creativity as you both plan a special night together. It’s a great way to show your partner how much you care and make new memories as a couple.


By asking these 21 questions for a new relationship, you’ll be well on your way to getting to know your partner and building a strong foundation for your relationship. 


Remember to listen with empathy, be honest and open, and always communicate openly and respectfully. Happy dating!

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