20 Sad Truths About Girls Everyone Must Know

This article is about the sad truths about girls.


Girls are amazing creatures. They are unique, strong, and sometimes very flexible to different situations. 


However, as awesome as ladies are, there are some things most people don’t know about them. And that is why some guys find it really difficult to understand girls. 


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So, here are 20 Sad Truths about girls everyone must read; 


#1. When a girl laughs too much, it doesn’t always mean that she is happy. It could be an indication that she’s lonely inside. 


#2. When a lady is feeling sad and heartbroken, she spends more time sleeping. 


#3. Girls that keep secrets seldom talk. But when they do, they speak very fast. 


#4. Contrary to popular beliefs, when a girl cries, it doesn’t me she is weak. It means she loves you so much that she doesn’t want to lose you. 


#5. When a girl needs love in her life, she tends to get angry over silly things. 


#6. Silence doesn’t always mean that a girl doesn’t have something to say. It could be that she is dying inside. 


#7. When a girl asks you to leave her alone, she actually means the opposite. She needs you so much at that particular time. And she expects you to put in a little more effort. 


#8. Girls are more talkative in nature than guys. 


#9. When a guy says something really sentimental, girls will remember it forever and ever. 


#10. When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are lying. 


#11. And when a girl says “I Miss You”, no one in this world can miss you more than that. 


#12. A girl can’t find anything to hate about the guy she loves 


#13. A Jealous girl is a faithful girlfriend. If she doesn’t get jealous when someone has your attention, it is because someone has hers. 


#14. Telling a girl you love her regularly will build up her self-esteem and make her feel beautiful. 


#15. When you care too little about girls, you will lose them, and when you care too much, you will get hurt. 


#16. Girls may crush on several guys, but their hearts belong to only one guy 


#17. When a girl ignores you after you have done something wrong, it’s best you leave her alone for some time. 


#18. A girl’s ex-crush would always be in her memory. But the guy she loves now stays in her heart. 


#19. Some girls may care about looks, some may care about brains. But they all care about a guy who will love and care for them passionately. 


#20. A Kiss on a girl’s hand with the right timing can be a real turn-on for them. 


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