2 Recent Ways To Deal With Self Anxiety In 2023

If you’re struggling with anxiety yourself, here’s how to deal with it!

1. Never undermine your worth if you struggle with anxiety

If one of the partners suffers from anxiety, then that doesn’t make you any less worthy of an amazing partner. And, your partner’s choice to stand beside you doesn’t translate to him/her “putting up with you”. So, if you come across such an unhealthy message, understand that it is so much about them than it is about you.

Know that you are worth the effort and are not a burden for your partner.

2. Take responsibility for your behavior

Even if you are blessed with a reassuring partner, it is still your responsibility to be aware of your disruptive behavior that surfaces the moment anxiety sets in.

“Learn to talk openly about what’s going on and what you need, and express appreciation when they show up for you in the way that you need,” adds Dr. Elizabeth.

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