19 Bad Habits With Personal Hygiene You Should Stop In 2023

19 Bad Habits with Personal Hygiene

Some bad habits repel other people (especially those with a heightened awareness of contagions) so much they may decide to avoid you and even warn others about you. Or they’ll just rant about your “disgusting” habits to anyone who will listen.

Aside from the risk of making yourself and other people sick, some of these habits show neglect of self-care or a lack of self-awareness.

    1. Picking at or flossing your teeth in public
    2. Biting your fingernails
    3. Picking your nose
    4. Scratching yourself in public
  1. Going to bed wearing make-up
  2. Showering or bathing infrequently (neglecting self-care)
  3. Washing your clothes infrequently
  4. Leaving your toenail clippings on the bathroom floor
  5. Leaving hair all over the sink and countertops
  6. Using someone else’s toothbrush
  7. Using someone else’s personal hygiene products without asking
  8. Sneezing without covering your mouth
  9. Sneezing into your hands and then spreading the germs
  10. Leaving snotty tissues all over
  11. Wearing too much cologne or perfume
  12. Popping pimples in public
  13. Spitting in public
  14. Picking at your skin
  15. Not brushing your teeth

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