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It’s always hilarious when dealing with a woman. If you aren’t ready to see the good, the bad, and the ugly aspect of life, don’t think of dating or marriage. Don’t get me wrong, women are lovely creatures. In fact, I sometimes imagine how boring a world without them will be.

In a recent thread, Ada Bekee, a popular influence on Facebook, shared the 15 ways women react when they received gifts from their man. Keep reading and let me know your thought about it.

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#1. The Ones That Think The Man Wants What Is In Between Their Legs

These women are hilarious. In their opinion, every act of kindness from a man comes with a price. Once their man buys them a gift, they immediately assume he wants to sleep with them.

They will be like, “This one he’s buying me this present, let it not be that it’s Konji that is motivating him because I’m not in the mood mbok!”

#2. The Ones Who Start To Analyze And Criticize The Gift

Buying gifts for these kinds of women is frustrating. They will be like, “Of all the things this man decided to buy me, it’s white pant? It’s not even laced sef, ordinary dross?!!!”

#3. The Ones That Start To Suspect That It’s A Restitution For A Recent Behavior

These women will always think you are bribing them for your recent misbehaviour. They’ll be like, “Because I caught him with his secretary the other day, that’s why he thinks he can buy my forgiveness.”

#4. The ones who start to compare and contrast

They will be like “Is it not his mate, Papa Ify, that bought his wife, Tear-Rubber Mercedes Benz on her birthday? Stinginess will not let this one be great. Look at the 3rd-hand Samsung phone he wasn’t ashamed to give me.”

 #5. The Genuinely Grateful Ones

These women are genuinely grateful and thankful for any gift you give them. Whether it’s a handkerchief or a pen. It’s always the thought that counts… not the gift.

#6. The Ones That Start To Shower Him With Praises

These women will shower their man with blessings and prayers when they get any gifts from them. In fact, they may pray for at least 10 minutes before they finally say thank you.

#7. The Ones That Never Say Thank You

These women are very ungrateful, and they may never say thank you. Sometimes, they belittle the gifts. They’ll be like, “Is that an Aldo purse? Just put it on that shelf beside the Louis Vuitton 2019 Limited Edition clutch I bought in Italy last month.”

#8. The Oliver Twist

These ones always want more. They’ll be like, “This iPhone is really nice! I’ll really appreciate it if you buy me the earphones and apple watch by next week.”

#9. The Ones That Broadcast The Gifts On All Their Social Media Handles


These ladies will instead show gifts to their friends on social media. You’ll see captions like, “Woke up to this baby from boo… I love him so much!

#10. The Ones Who Immediately Call Their Friends And Family Members To Brag About The Gift

These women will call everybody in their family to brag about the gift. They’ll be like, “Babes, what’s the colour of that bag Amaka was carrying yesterday? I’m thinking of buying a phone case in that colour for this new iPhone 11 my husband bought for me this afternoon.”

#11. The Ones Who Always Get Disappointed

These women are always disappointed because they always expect one thing and get something else. The last time, they opened a small case excitedly hoping to see an engagement ring, only to see key holder.

#12. The Ones Who Get Overly Excited And Dramatic

These are what I described as drama queens. They will scream, faint, roll on the floor, shake, and start crying. The bigger the gift, the better the theatrics.

#13. The Ones Who Use The Gift To Intimidate Everyone Around

These ones are the ‘pepper dem gang’. You buy them a car? They will keep swinging the car key until everyone sees it.

#14. The Ones Who Start Using The Gift Immediately

These ones can never wait before they start using their new gifts. If it’s a dress, they’ll immediately remove the one they are wearing to put on the new one.

#15. The Ones Who Will Dump The Gift Somewhere

These women will dump their gifts somewhere until their man starts begging them to use it. They may wait for a special occasion to use it until 2 years pass sef.

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