11 Health Benefits Of Millet(2023)

Health benefits of millet

Millet is a powerhouse of nutrients and offer various health benefits:

1. It is highly nutritious and a good replacement for rice.
2. Helps reduce stress due to the presence of a good amount of potassium and magnesium.
3. Loaded with fiber and keeps you full for a long time. It also relieves constipation.
4. Maintains hormonal imbalance in women.
5. Millets are a good source of Niacin which helps to keep skin healthy.
6. Dark millets are a good source of Beta-carotene which is an antioxidant supporting healthy eyes.
7. Due to the presence of soluble and insoluble fiber millets help in healthy gut flora and reduce the risk of colon cancer.
8. Millets are high in calcium, Iron, and protein which makes them complete food for pregnant and lactating mothers.
9. Vitamins like riboflavin, Thiamine, niacin, and folic acid help in cell growth, nervous system and spine development.
10. Minerals like iron, phosphorus, and potassium help in blood formation and nerve conduction.
11. Eating millet can be beneficial for diabetics and those suffering from heart diseases.

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