10 Ways Nigerian Men React When They Impregnate A Lady Out Of Wedlock

Impregnating a girl out of wedlock isn’t always easy. Whether you have a wife at home or a single freelancer, impregnating a girl outside wedlock comes with different reactions.

I still remember the day one of my girlfriends told me she missed her period. It was during my undergraduate days. It was a terrible experience, I couldn’t eat anything throughout the day. I was basically a shadow of myself.

Annoyingly, the girl sent me a message later the day that it was April fool prank. Well, the relationship eventually ended with the prank. So, this article is about men reactions when they impregnate a lady out of wedlock.

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Here are the ways men react when they impregnate a lady out of wedlock according to Ada Bekee.

#1. The Ones Who Are Excited About Being A Father


The first reaction is from those who are happy that they are about to become a father. These men have the financial wherewithal to take care of both the mother and the baby.

These guys may or may not marry the lady. But having a child means the whole world to them. In a nutshell, all they need is the child. These men make the position of baby mama a lucrative one.

#2. The Ones That W0uld Start Lamenting In Confusion

These guys are very common. Once the lady breaks the news of the pregnancy to them, they will be in total confusion. You will hear something like “Shey you told me you were in your safe period? Are you sure I am the one? wasn’t it only the tip I put inside?”

#3. The Skeptical Ones

This is another funny reaction. These guys will become detective overnight and start calculating the last time they slept with the lady. They will calculate the lady’s cycle in relation to the last time they were together. In fact, these men may ask the lady to repeat the test in their presence.

#4. The Ones Who Want The Lady to Have An Abortion

This reaction is usually from the one night guys. They don’t love the woman, all they wanted was to ‘chop and run’, but luck ran against them.

These men are either married, about to marry or in a serious relationship. They will always insist that the woman gets an abortion. Some of them may politely beg, while others will command the lady to have the abortion. They can even go to the extent of borrowing money just to pay for the abortion.

#5. The Ones Who Disappear And Never Come Back

These guys will disappear without a trace. They have already impregnated two women and their families looking for them in two different States. These guys may even run to Italy through Libya.

#6. The Ones Who Agree To Take Responsibility

These men will agree to take responsibility for the pregnancy and take good care of the lady. But marriage is a no go area. They will be like “Na belle dem give the lady, dem no kill person”.

#7. The Ones Who Are Used To Impregnating Ladies

Impregnating a lady out of wedlock is no longer a big deal to these men. After all, they already have 5 babies to from 5 different baby mamas… ‘Wetin’ be baby number 6?

#8. The Ones That Don’t Care

These men don’t give a dime about you and your pregnancy and they will not even take responsibility. Once these men find out that the lady is pregnant, she’s officially on her own.

#9. The Ones Who Decide To Marry The Lady

These guys will start making wedding plans once they know the lady is pregnant. To them, that’s the best and only way to take responsibility. They don’t want their child to be born outside wedlock.

#10. The Ones Who Vehemently Deny The Pregnancy

These guys will deny the pregnancy squarely. They will be like “You think I don’t know that you are sleeping with Okoro, Tunde, and Femi? That pregnancy belongs to all of them, not me”

Ladies be careful and don’t just open your legs to any man who says nice words. Some of them fear commitment more than fire.

What would be your reaction if your side chick tells you that she’s pregnant? Drop your comment below.

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