10 Warm Up Exercise For Your Wrist To Help You Ace Your Workout In 2023

10 Warm-up Exercises For Your Wrist To Help You Ace Your Workout

Here are 10 warm-up exercises for your wrist to help you ace your workout:

1. Wrist rotations

For this, perform clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations (15-20 times on each side).

Wrist warm exercises to avoid injuries during workout. 

2. Up and down movement

To perform this exercise, keep your fingers and elbows straight, and do up and down movements (15-20 times).

3. Side to side

You can proceed further in a sequence by keeping your fingers and elbows straight and perform side to side motions (15-20 times).

4. Up down (palms facing the face)

To do this warm-up exercise right, you have to keep your fingers and elbows straight and do up-and-down motions with your palms facing the face.

5. Circular movement

Again, stay in the same position as before by keeping your fingers and elbows straight and moving your hands in a circular motion with your palms facing out.

6. Table top position

Use your body to form a table with your fingers pointing forward. Your shoulders and wrists should be parallel in one line, and your hips and knees should also be in one line. You must comfortably put weight on your palms and hold.

7. Table top position (clockwise and anti-clockwise)

Stay in the same tabletop position and perform clockwise and anticlockwise motions in big circles. (10 on each side).

8. Table top position (shifting weight)

Hold the earlier tabletop position, and perform this variation by shifting weight side to side with fingers pointing out.

Again, you may perform a variation in the shifting weight exercise by keeping your fingers pointing.

9. Table top position (back of arms on the mat)

Continue staying in the same posture, place the back of your palms on the mat, push your hips back and hold for as long as possible.

You can do a variation by keeping your fingers pointed towards the knees while pushing your hips back and holding them for as long as possible.

10. Downward dog holds

Get in a downward dog position, and lift your fingers from the ground while keeping your fingers straight.

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