10 Tips To Keep Your Fitness Vows(2023)

Tips to get back to your health and make the promises made to oneself work:

1. Do not restrict or bind yourself to a goal

Avoid binding to a superficial goal like you will lose 10 kg in the coming month. Instead, focus on easily achievable short term things and goals . Like for the first week, start by completing 6000 steps and gradually move to 8000 steps in the second week and so on.

2. De-addiction is different for everyone

Some of you are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, sweet and junk food such as pizza burgers, cake and so on. You can choose to either go cold turkey or never touch it again. Or you can choose to reward yourself with these junk food once a month.

3. A good physique takes times

If you are planning to get a coach, get him for six months. Even a year is fine if you are an inexperienced lifter. If you think you can achieve a physique with abs in just 12 weeks because you saw an ad on some social media post, you are wrong.

Exercises will help you stay fit but you got to consistent with them. 

4. Determination is the key

There are people who enroll into a fitness program for 12 weeks, and then leave it altogether because they could not stay away from socializing for too long. Get into the mindset of ‘I have to do it, if there is no other option or choice’. This mindset will help you avoid ‘fitness is not for me’ thinking.

5. Learn to say no

Learn to say to ‘no’ to your mother, grandmother, to your friends and every force feeder. You might feel one-piece or a bite won’t harm, it won’t. But for many people, one piece triggers the addiction again. And then it’s a downhill road.

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