10 Mind Blowing Yoruba Cute Names To Call Your Lover

Love they say, makes us do stupid things and say cheesy things. When you’re in love, you don’t care what the next person thinks about your ‘cheesyness’, and for the male folk, you don’t mind that your friends will poke fun at you, the stars in your bae’s eyes are totally worth it.

This is why lovers often ignore familiar over-used affectionate names like “my love” or even “bae” and go for something creative like “my jewel,” “my bed of roses.” In this article, I will share with you some Yoruba cute names to call your boyfriend. 

However, there’s a special tingle that comes with you calling your special one a special name in a local dialect. It becomes something akin to your little secret, especially among your friends who do not understand the language.

A special name. It’s so fascinating your friends will probably try it out with their partners. Below are ten Yoruba names that sound as beautiful as they are:

10 Mindblowing Yoruba Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

#1. Onitemi

Onitemi is one of the cute names to call your boyfriend. It means “my only or the one for me” this name will make anyone sigh. You know those moments when your partner is angry, and you just go “Onitemi”.

It is certified to calm them down. Even when they aren’t mad, there’s this feeling that comes with calling your partner that name anywhere, anytime, letting the world know you choose them above others.

#2. Idunnumi(my happiness)

if there’s one definite thing humans search for, it’s the ability to be happy enough that you radiate happiness into others lives, so much that when they see you, they feel so happy they tell everywhere, anywhere, that’s the person behind my smile. Awwwwnn, so cute

#3. Adumadan mi(my black and shine)

okay, let’s brag a little. This name is used for guys with black, shiny skin. When you call bae this you’re letting people know you adore his skin color and wouldn’t want him to change it for anything.

When you call your bae this, you help boost his confidence. He feels more comfortable in his skin like he’s got the best skin in the world and his woman is proud of it.

#4. Ayanfe mi(my chosen love)

Holy banana Island, someone turn on the AC. How romantic can an affectionate name get? The attitude in this name can melt steel. It’s like “I don’t care if you’re finer, I don’t care if you’re more intelligent, right, smarter.

This is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. This is the ONE” Wow. In my opinion, this is one of the best Yoruba cute names to call your boyfriend. 

#5. Olami(My wealth)

This name is used by people who acknowledge that fiat money isn’t the only means to accumulate wealth. They understand the value embedded in their partners, and they’re letting the world know “as long as I have him/her, I’m rich.”

#6. Ademi(my crown)

What’s a king/Queen without his/her crown? This affection name tells the world that person is the reason you’re ‘kinging/queening’.

#7. Okan mi(my heart)

it doesn’t get ‘cheesier’ than you telling everyone “hey, that’s my heart right there.” Nope, it doesn’t get cheesier.

#8. Eni bi okan mi(the one after my own heart)

Okay, forget what I said earlier, it dies to get cheesier.

#9. Ayanmo mi(my soul mate)

To bread is butter, to you is your soul mate. Not everyone is lucky enough to find their soulmate, so when you find yours, you might want to let them know.

#10. Iyo aye mi(salt of my life)

This is totally a winner. Do you find a partner that brings meaning to your life? You’re a fortunate person. Let them know by calling them this rather than boring “my love”.

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Go ahead, get as creative as you can get, do not be afraid to coin new Yoruba cute names to call your boyfriend that express how you feel to your him. Make them feel as wonderful as they make you feel. Get romantic in this month of love

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